Mahler No. 2 — Live.

I was at the TSO opening performance on Saturday (the opening night was Thursday). They decided to open the season with Mahler’s 2nd Symphony and did a fairly nice job of it. Review.

I had intended to bring my father along. Despite not being nearly as much of classical music (or any music) freak as I am, he does enjoy Mahler quite a bit. Unfortunately it was the same night as the birthday party of a good friend of his. I offered my spare ticket to my friends, but even those who could have come, dislike Mahler with far too much vehemence. I think they missed a spectacle worth seeing even if Mahler isn’t exactly to your liking.

P.S. If you’re in Toronto and you’re under 35, you do know that you can get $14 symphony tickets through the TSO’s tsoundcheck programme, right? You can even preorder a 3-performance subscription at a very reduced rate starting this year (3 in the balcony for $66, or 3 in the Orchestra level for $84). Just FYI.